Value-added recovery

Our mission is to offer the aluminum industry a unique, innovative and reliable technology.

OTI’s process is a long-term and permanent solution with complete recovery of fluorinated residues and elimination of the environmental debt. Given the availability of this process, burial and partial treatment have become an obsolete and unacceptable solution from a social and environmental standpoint. Our unique technology helps our clients achieve a better environmental performance through a value-added recovery of the products they entrust to us.

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ORIENS TECHNOLOGIES Inc. (OTI) is a privately-owned Canadian corporation developing environmental recovery services of fluorinated waste originating mainly from the primary aluminum industry. ORIENS TECHNOLOGIES’s clients will be able to count on an industrial-scale tested process with proven environmental and commercial benefits. OTI is offering a safe environmental solution for the complete recovery of the fluorinated waste generated by its clients. .


ORIENS TECHNOLOGIES Inc. (OTI) is a privately-owned Canadian corporation which owns a demonstration-scale plant in Bécancour, Québec.

Alpha Plant

Production activities are carried out in our 45,000 square foot plant.

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